Honey Mustard Butternut Squash!

Confession: I have a honey mustard addiction. Heather, this has your name all over it. Honey mustard goes well with basically everything: salads, fried chicken, not-fried chicken, french fries, apple slices, sandwiches, wraps..¬†essentially anything that isn’t dessert. Although I will probably find a way to incorporate it into that too. Recently, I saw mustard and … More Honey Mustard Butternut Squash!

Butternut Tartlets

Good morning! Today I have the honor of being featured on a fantastic food blog, Ohh May! I did a guest post for Mango Coconut Chicken, if you would like to see it, click here. I am so excited for this recipe. I was inspired by this squash action to make a butternut squash tart. … More Butternut Tartlets


Who doesn’t love a good curry? I think this curry is special because it’s not just making a sauce and pouring it on white rice and chicken. The creamy coconut milk seeps into the potatoes and squash to make this dish both savory and sweet. Recipe: Serves 3 Finely chop 1 clove of garlic and … More Currryyy!