The Paleo Diet.

What is paleo? The Paleolithic diet is not a “diet” in the count-every-calorie-I-hate-my-life sense. It is a lifestyle that encourages us to eat and live the way that our ancestors did for hundreds of thousands of years. The first homo sapiens appeared on earth 200,000 years ago. They hunted and gathered, slept, made shelter, and … More The Paleo Diet.

A new direction

The weekend has arrived! I couldn’t be more thankful. I have had some life drama concerning my future building for a while now and it all came to head this week when I went to see my academic advisor. As it turns out, my sophomore year of college was essentially for nothing. I don’t want … More A new direction


Hello from Park City, Utah! Finals ended last week and I am now enjoying Spring break. Rather than having a wild, typical college break somewhere, I opted to visit my parents at their new home. It’s lovely here, but so cold! I have just been relaxing and enjoying this view. We went to a lovely … More Lofty

Healthy living blogging gets trashed in Marie Claire.

I don’t know if y’all have heard yet, but Marie Claire has written an article in this months issue about healthy living bloggers. I just found it this morning here, through My Marble Rye. My initial reaction to seeing the article was shock and pleasure. Oh my gosh! Healthy living blogging has hit it big! … More Healthy living blogging gets trashed in Marie Claire.