Detox: Day 2. Bring on the caffeine headaches.

Alright, so Day 2 was quite a bit harder than Day 1. I have had caffeine withdrawal headaches all day. I bought a decaf coffee while studying, thinking that some hidden caffeine would ease my throbbing skull, but alas, Mishka’s decaf is actually…. decaffeinated. Because of my head, I nixed working out today. Which is … More Detox: Day 2. Bring on the caffeine headaches.

Detox: Day 1

The detox today was quite the success! I woke up and decided to forgo my usual coffee. I do not think that coffee is “bad for you” because we learned in Food Science that the effect that coffee has on our heath depends on our genetics. People who are fast metabolizers of caffeine (AKA can … More Detox: Day 1

Home shweet home

Hello fellow foodies, health nuts, and other various freaks of that nature 😉 I am finally HOME in Austin, Texas! At least, it truly feels like home. My mom doesn’t actually live here anymore, so whenever I come to Austin during the holidays, I stay at my friend’s apartments. Usually Courtney’s…. (I owe you my … More Home shweet home

Wheat, butter, sugar, egg, and milk free cookies… THAT ROCK.

Yesterday was a very hard day. Let it suffice to say that I was emotionally all over the place. There are so many things in this world that we cannot control, and so many unanswerable questions that we could drive ourselves crazy with. One thing, though, that we can do to make ourselves feel better … More Wheat, butter, sugar, egg, and milk free cookies… THAT ROCK.


So today I was out in the garden and I found this poor, dehydrated little orphan baby… Because she was the cutest thing I have ever seen and she let me pick her up, I decided to take her in. She could hardly hop away and seemed lost. We are going to try to reunite … More Neener!

A whole new level

You guysss! I got a new camera! Remember how my old camera got destroyed on what was supposed to be a relaxing hike? No? Thats okay. The point of the story is I treated myself to an upgrade… It even has a food setting! Courtney and I made vegan cream cheese swirled pumpkin squares! It … More A whole new level